Hello, everyone. Its been a year and half. I decide that I will try to pick my blog back up. So that the latest update.






Sorry, everyone. Life been so busy. I got 2 promotions at work so that been taking most of my time for the past few months. I did buy more Thai lakorns dubbed in Hmong. I hope I have more time to upload it. So finger cross. I would like to come back. I really can’t give a time frame at the moment.

Khu Kam or Sunset at Chaophraya Part 1 of 2

Khu Kam is a Thai classic novel written by Thommayanti. I won’t be writing a summary about the novel. I pretty sure everyone know what it about. As much as I can remember Khu Kam it been remake many many times. It wasn’t just remake into lakorns but also into movies. I believe there are 3 lakorns and 4 movies of this storyline. Got to make a point about the title too. Everyone have there own way of spelling it. I have spell it “Koo Gum,”  “Koo Krum,” “Koo Kum” and the one I’m currently using “Khu Kam”. The translation of the title could be either “Sunset at Chaophraya” or “Star-Crossed Lovers”. According to my knowledge the first Khu Kam came out in 1973. I’m not sure if it was a movie or lakorn. Just a note; Bird Thongchai McIntyre is the only luck man enough to play the character Kobori twice; One in the 1990 lakorn and 1996 movie. Just in case you think I post two photo by accident. 

1st Khu Kam (1973) 



2nd Khu Kam (1988) Movie

Here a link to see a fan made mv:



3rd Khu Kam (1990) Lakorn

I have this one dubbed on my channel 



4th Khu Kam (1996) Movie

Here a link to the movie with English Subtiltes:



5th Khu Kam (2004) Lakorn

Here a link to the MV (Will Update later with a link to the Hmong dubbed):


6th Khu Kam (2013) Lakorn

Which I already upload and on my channel:



7th Khu Kam (2013) Movie:

Here a link to the trailer:



This just a quick overview of Khu Kam. I will do another one where I go into more details. So come back and check it.

Excuse my long absent

I’m still here. I been busy and I got side track with something different in mind. I hope to be back in December to upload more Thai Lakorns dubbed in Hmong.

As right now my mind isn’t into Thai Lakorns. I have drift to Mainland China drama. Oh, boy I’m so addict to Mainland dramas at the moment that I left this blog untouched for two months.  I love Thai Lakorns but man, I also love Mainland dramas.  If you know me I go through this stage. There are 12 months in a year (duh, LOL). I spent 6 months addict to Thai Lakorns and I spent the other 6 months into Mainland dramas. I have watched so many Mainland dramas that I can’t wait to share with everyone. I know this blog is suppose to be about Thai Lakorns, but I really have to share my thoughts on all these wonderful dramas.  I will have to apologize to all my reader before I start talking about my addiction to Mainland dramas. If I get annoying writing about Mainland dramas just let me know.

Upload informations

I know people are wondering how come it takes me forever to upload movies onto youtube? Will, here the things. The process is not easy. Here are the steps that I use to upload to youtube.

1)I rip the DVD. I usually rip in HD (This usually takes about 1 hour).

2) I edit the film on Windows Movie Maker

3) I publish it on my computer.

~For SD it usually takes 2 hours for a movie that is one and half hours.

~For HD it usually takes 10 hours for a one and half hours.

4) I upload it to youtube.

~Which usually take between 2 to 4 hours for it to be complete (depend on the length of the movie and the standard).

There isn’t much steps but the wait for it take the longest. So please do be patients. I’m not sure what program other users use but Window Movie Maker is the program I use to upload onto youtube. Average time for me to rip, edit , publish and upload is usually around 5 hours in SD. HD usually takes longer which is around a day for one disc. What I have figure out is that if you are watching from a smartphone and is NOT connected to WIFI the video will be blurry. If you are connected to WIFI the video should be just fine. If people insist on uploading in HD I will do it but the wait will be 4x longer than usual.  If anyone know any programs that is faster than Window Movie Maker please do let me know.